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As we do the tests I want you to think about three things:


1. Your gifts and passions (you have eyes for something) . For example if you’re an organizational person- you’re going to see the row that needs straightening. If you’re a compassionate person you’re going to see the person sitting alone

2. Your life experiences – if you have experience in certain fields, like worship or technical or children ministry- use those life experiences to build Gods kingdom. Everyone has something to give

3. Your pain; God can use the bad part of your life. People would rather hear from someone who has been through something than someone who hasn’t

simpleDISCovery Quiz

1.) I am assertive, demanding, and decisive.

2.) I enjoy doing multiple tasks at once.

3.) I thrive in a challenge-based environment.

4.) I think about tasks above others or myself.

5.) I am motivated by accomplishment and authority.

6.) I enjoy influencing and inspiring people.

7.) I am optimistic about others.

8.) I tend to be the life of the party.

9.) I think about motivating people.

10.) I am motivated by recognition and approval.

11.) I thrive in consistent environments over changing ones.

12.) I prefer specifics over generalizations.

13.) I enjoy Connect groups of people.

14.) I prefer being a member of a team over leading the team.

15.) I am motivated by stability and support.

16.) I typically do not take big risks.

17.) I love tasks, order and details.

18.) I am right most of the time.

19.) I comply with clearly defined rules.

20.) I am motivated by quality and correctness.

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